Kat's Ketch - Handcrafted Pottery by Kathleen King

pottery by
kathleen king

The ceramic bug may have first hit me when I was creating tiny sculptures from clay that I dug up in the fields of Morocco as a young child of 10. I didn’t act on this joy until I took my first pottery workshop in the 70’s while my husband was in basic training. Since that time I have taken classes at colleges and community centers across the nation from Maine to Texas to California and back to Maine with classes at the Maine College of Art.

I enjoy working with both the warm colors of earthenware and the high fire stoneware. My work is both functional and decorative. I would definitely be considered a studio potter, since each day is a new possibility and each piece is unique.

I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as I did creating them!

Kat's Ketch - Handcrafted Pottery by Kathleen King

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