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Kat’s Ketch Pottery is located on the edge of West Lebanon village, Maine. Take a short detour off Rt 202 as you enter Maine-Vacationland, just over the border from New Hampshire- Live Free or Die. At the first stoplight, in our two stoplight town, turn left up West Lebanon Rd. Once you reach the Village, take the road least traveled on: 61 Orrills Hill Rd.

My fantasy when I took that first workshop long ago was: living in the country in a log cabin. I could imagine myself walking in a field in my long skirt enjoying afternoon tea sipping out of one of my mugs. Yes, I am a child of the 60’s.

Over the years my studio has grown from a corner of the basement to 18’ x 24’ with spaces for clay work, extruder, slab roller, 2 wheels and glaze station. Plans for expansion are always in the works.

Outside in the garage are my two kilns, raku kiln. Next to that is one of my favorite places: my outside screened in studio. Maine summers are short and irresistible so I need to be outside as much as possible.

I have taken workshops and classes across the country. Some of my favorites have been right here in Maine: Haystack Mountain School of Crafts,,, Maine College of Art Maine College of Art, Portland Pottery Studio The most recent workshops have been presented by Maureen Mills, and Karen Orsillo, outstanding potters.

I have worked with all the clays, earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, and can see the benefits of all. I enjoy many types of firing techniques and looking forward to exploring more.

I am eclectic both in life and when it comes to my work in pottery. I draw ideas from all around me. It could be nature just as well as architecture that inspires me. I can draw ideas from looking at an ancient piece of pueblo pottery as well looking a painting in the Maine Museum of Art. I used to see this as a weakness, but now…well, that is just me. It makes working in pottery absolutely fascinating for me. There is so much to explore! The process is what it is all about!

Creating for me is a sheer joy, but I also love to see a piece of my work being purchased. The story of that pot is only just beginning. I do hope it brings pleasure to whoever receives it! Ceramics may be an ancient art form, but it is one that endures today. My thanks, to all those who enjoy a fine handcrafted piece of mud that has met fire and become an item to be treasured.

Please enjoy looking at a few pieces in my gallery. I certainly enjoyed creating them.

Kathleen King, Kat’s Ketch Pottery
West Lebanon Village, Maine

Kat's Ketch - Handcrafted Pottery by Kathleen King

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